The Untold Stories: True Tales of Temptation VOL 2



A collection of short stories based on the real-life adventures of Buck Thornton.

“Seduced by the Sheriff’s Daughter”

Despite his lack of formal sex education, Buck Thornton becomes a willing lady’s dream lover, but only after a number of frustrating and amusing encounters with the opposite sex. His final gift to his mistress of eight years repays her for all of her coachings.

“Doctor, Doctor”

The true story of a doctor who “abuses” Buck for the entertainment of his sexy nurse. How a mysterious pain led to Buck’s first orgasm.

“A Selfless Act”
Buck helps a loving husband give his wife the physical pleasure that he cannot provide. In the process, he enjoys the delicious fruits of a mature woman who needs a man.

“Really Intense Care”

How a potential heart attack became a cloud with a silver lining.
Buck returns the intense attention given to him by an ICU nurse.

“Just a Little Kinky”

Buck builds a playroom in his basement and reenacts a hot fantasy video he saw involving a “breeding post”. He and his partners expand Buck’s world of pleasure.

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