The Untold Stories (Vol-1)

Chapters include:

“Sweet Torture”

Buck visits an old high school sweetheart and their visit turns into a thrilling exercise in bondage and tantric sex. 

“Flower Bulbs, Studs & Passion”

She was hot and tempting but unapproachable – – until they both found themselves single 25 years later.  Buck recalls a primal sex situation that turned her on and helped open the door to him. 


Buck finds himself on the horns of a dilemma.  How will he choose between two sexy mature sisters – – or does he have to? 

“Hanna’s New World”

Hanna and Buck have something special late in life.  He wants to help her experience all the things she fantasizes about, but he may have to step aside for her to do so. 

The Untold Stories (Vol-2)

Chapters include:

“Seduced by the Sheriffs Daughter”

Despite his lack of formal sex education, Buck Thornton becomes a lady’s dream lover, but only after a number of frustrating and amusing encounters with the opposite sex.  His final gift to his mistress of eight years repays her for all of her coaching. 

“Doctor, Doctor”

The true story of a doctor who “abuses” Buck for the entertainment of his sexy nurse. How a mysterious pain led to Buck’s first orgasm.. 

“A Selfless Act” 

Buck helps a loving husband give his wife the physical pleasure that he cannot provide. In the process, he enjoys the delicious fruits of a mature woman who needs a man.

“Really Intensive Care”

How a potential heart attack became a cloud with a silver lining.  Buck returns the intense attention given to him by an ICU nurse.

“Just a Little Kinky”

Buck builds a playroom in his basement and reenacts a hot fantasy video he saw involving a “breeding post”. He and his partners expand Buck’s world of pleasure.

“Shine Cowboy?”

A shapely shoe shine gal pokes fun at a handicapped Buck, but they grow to like one another a lot!  Buck ends up poking something more enjoyable at this sexy mature woman who knows what she wants!


The Untold Stories (Vol-3)

Chapters Include:

“Missing the Boat”

Buck seduces and eventually marries an emotionally challenged beauty whose nymphomaniac battle cry is “Again”. The true stories of three cruises that included great sex but end in disaster.  [You couldn’t make this stuff up!]

“The Belly Dancer & The Parrot”

The sale of a car leads to sex on the first date with a very sexy but innocent exotic dancer.  A big bird complicates their lovemaking and casts a shadow over their future.  

“A Married Woman’s Deep Secret”

Buck seduces a business associate and enjoys a number of “firsts” with her.  Every encounter between them explodes in passion until he learns a dark secret that makes him love her more. 

“The Cheerleader”

A sassy ex-college cheerleader still has what it takes to encourage Buck to do his absolute best! Their relationship evolves from dating site teasing to full-court romance with some exploration in bondage and spanking. 

Who is Buck Thornton

Buck Thornton is the pen name for a real author whose identity cannot be revealed due to the personal and sensitive nature of the stories he writes. Everyone of the stories contained in a Buck Thornton book are based on actual life experiences, and most of the romantic partners in these situations are still alive, even though Buck’s personal sexual history has evolved over some 55 years.

Buck was raised on a ranch in Wyoming and educated in a one room school house. When he stepped into the Big World alter college his odyssey led him to travel almost all of the United States and over 30 foreign nations. He rose to a position of national responsibility for a Fortune 100 company before launching several successful businesses. His travels and exposure to a wide variety of women resulted In enticing, educational and enjoyable situations.

Throughout these books you’ll hear Buck described as articulate, friendly, rugged Intelligent, strong, attractive, charming, compassionate, understanding and sexy. He is real and he enjoys learning about loving physical relationships every day. Today, he is in his 70’s, still very sensual. He writes about his life’s adventures so others can enhance their own relationships while enjoying these provocative and sometimes humorous events

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